Sunday, October 21, 2012

Best weekend ever

I guess that's overstating just a bit, but seriously this weekend has been full of peaceful, happy moments; everything lined up to make it a Top 100.....

Friday night, dinner at a restaurant with some dear friends.  With the exception of Andrew being a little antsy for his quesadilla, and vocally expressing that loudly several times (Netflix on dad's phone helped pass the time), the boys were very good.

Saturday morning, bright and early, we met some friends from school at Old Baker Farm pumpkin patch in Harpersville.  The two-hour round trip was very enjoyable--nothing like central Alabama in October in my opinion; the scenery was beautiful, and the weather was cool and sunny.  The kids had a fantastic time exploring the farm and searching for pumpkins in the muddy pumpkin patch.

beautiful morning

cotton jump!

Andrew is under the pile somewhere...

hay maze

checking out the animals

turkeys...Aidan's favorite...they had their tail feathers on full display and gobbling very loud

Aidan and Meredy being silly

goats...the kids were fascinated, but I can't stand them...a phobia I developed as a young child.  they always chewed my clothes and I was convinced they were gonna eat me!

climbing the very tall hay mountain

thanks for the assist, Mr. Brad!

hay ride to the pumpkin patch

can you see how muddy the boys' shoes are?

corn cob toss

sweet boy

 Tom and T.J. went to Knoxville for the AL/TN game with some friends, so I decided I needed some ME time.....

I've mentioned Aaron's Staff Respite ministry in a prior post; well, they were having their monthly "parents evening out" that night, so I decided to take the opportunity to let the boys have dinner and fun in a loving atmosphere while I got away for a bit.  There was even a petting zoo that was brought in for the kids!  Their volunteer staff and program is a blessing...I can't say enough good things about it, and they all donate time and resources for no cost to the parents.  See Aaron's Staff Respite Ministry website .  I dropped them off at 5pm and headed out for some shopping; I pretty much completed the boys Christmas!  Because the Bama game had kicked off, the store was nearly empty and QUIET.  What in the world is that?!?  After leisurely shopping with Starbucks in hand, I went to Ruby Tuesday's for a steak and veggie dinner (complete with dessert for one---hey, I felt like it was a special occasion!).  The hostess, spotting my Alabama sweatshirt offered to seat me in a booth in view of the game--uninterrupted by unruly youngins; at one point thrusting my fork and steak knife in the air in celebration of an awesome play by Bama. :)  I picked Aidan and Andrew up at 8:30 and they had a terrific time; straight home to bed with no fussing...and slept ALL night!  Ahhh.......

Sunday morning...usually stressful, but this time, I left the boys to eat breakfast at the table with their play truck and helicopter. at the table??  Yep!  My parents would have never allowed that...
I was able to dry my hair, get dressed, and do my makeup without one interruption, argument, or any bloodshed whatsoever!  Yes, they were still alive and the kitchen had not been destroyed!  They'd finished their breakfast and playing together like angels.

I have no idea why, but God was smiling down on me this weekend.  I did nothing to deserve it, but so thankful He chose to send those blessings my way!

Roll Tide

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