Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mr. Resourceful

Andrew loves Sunday school/Bible class. Always has. In fact, Aidan and Andrew have never had any type of separation anxiety--unlike their older brother who often cried when I left him until the day I made him sit in the adult class for the entire time. T.J. quickly decided the grown ups were boring and he never gave me any more trouble.

Worship was a whole different story with Andrew. You would honestly think we were asking him to sit on molten lava or something. Our services usually run long, so that makes it tough.  He was constantly moving around and once he found his voice, used it often to express his impatience. We tried any number of toys, books, and activities to keep him occupied, and while he had his good days, we could never figure out a long-term solution.

Turns out Andrew found it for himself. One morning recently he grabbed his Cat in the Hat bag and told me he was going to sit with his friends!  Um, okay.....
He squeezed himself between all the pretty high school girls a few rows in front of us, and we just sat back to see how this was going to go.  He was great.  I heard the whole sermon, and it was great.  {{insert Hallelujah chorus here}} Aidan was great.  Not having to share us with his brother was a win win for him.  Andrew only got up to go to the restroom, and then promptly returned to his seat.  Now Andrew sits with his friends for each worship service! BIG THANK YOUS go to Liz, Kelli, and Abby for being so sweet and always sharing their pew with him. 

That's Andrew standing on the pew to the left of Kelli during the closing song.  Just a few minutes before he had his arm across her shoulders--I really hate I missed that shot.

My sweet boy thinks he's so grown; the sad thing is, he will be before I'm ready. Trust me.

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