My Bookshelf

The following are some books I've read and/or come highly recommended from others and are sitting in my "To Read" pile.

In The Eye Of The Hurricane (Juli C. Liske)
This is the first book I read upon getting Andrew's diagnosis.  It's a wonderful story of the power of a mom's love and determination and the amazing things that parents can do to help their special children.  Easy, inspirational read.

Not My Son! (Rodney Peete)
Great for dads and moms alike!  Tom really enjoyed this dad's perspective and journey.

Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew (Ellen Notbohm)
The title says it all and is a must for every family member to begin their understanding of a child's experience with autism.  Written by a mom who really gets it.  Easy read.

Mother Warriors (Jenny McCarthy)
Who doesn't know this mom's got guts?!

ANY book by Dr. Temple Grandin! (As well as the HBO movie-a must see)

Defeating Autism (Michael Fitzpatrick)

My Brother Charlie (Holly Robinson Peete)
This book, co-authored by Mrs. Peete's daughter whose twin is autistic made me cry at it's tenderness and simplicity.  Great book for siblings!