Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big School visits

We've recently closed another chapter in the boys' more preschool special ed services at our home.  We've felt extremely blessed to have been able to work with some wonderful ladies over the last three years, but now the boys have "graduated" to going to our elementary school for speech only.  Once a month, I pick the boys up from MP right after nap and take them to see Mrs. Paula at HES.  I felt that I had prepared them pretty well for this new adventure, but I wasn't sure if there might be some anxiety in going to this new school.  Aidan had already said he was staying at MP and so was Andrew.  They loved HES alright; so much so, that as we left that first afternoon, Aidan kept insisting we ride the bus home, and poor Andrew just melted down (the worst public one in a long time) because he wanted to stay. Andrew is five going on fifteen, always wanting to be grown up and be a part of something bigger.  Not that he doesn't LOVE Mitchell's, mind you, he's just always wanting a new adventure.  So there we were, attempting to cross the road to the parking lot, with Andrew crying and snotting--I couldn't very well drag him, #1 because he's easily half my size, and #2 I really didn't want to make a bad first impression with all these people, that I was a child beater or something.  We'd walk a couple of steps and stop and I would do my best to explain he had to graduate from Flamingoes then he would be going to Big School all the time.  Poor fella, he can't help the fact his mother rushes through the details.  I know better.

Thanks to Mrs. Denise and Mrs. Paula they made a social story for him which broke things down step by step.

 It worked.  Why was I surprised?  I mean really....he's a visual learner and it's always been a useful tool.  It was definitely a face palm moment.  No supermom points for me that day, in fact, I'm certain I went at least -5.  ;)

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