Saturday, May 21, 2011

You get what you pay for...sometimes

Most of the time, I would agree with that statement.  However, I have found some exceptions along the way; among them, two important members of Team A & A.  We came to know Amy and Denise over a year ago through the Shelby County Board of Education when we transitioned the boys from Early Intervention to Preschool Special Ed.  Denise is the Special Ed instructor (she is "team leader" for all the services we get through the county) and Amy is the speech therapist.  These wonderful ladies come to our home weekly to work  (and play) with Aidan and Andrew, and they are amazing!  They work together to incorporate speech, OT, and social skill work in every session--always working toward our Individualized Education Plans (IEP) goals and making it fun in the process; and another bonus, their services are free!  The boys are always excited when I pick them up early from school on Wednesday afternoons...they can't wait to see Amy and 'Nise. 

Amy and Denise come up with a theme each week, and from that build craft activities, circle time, books, and songs.  Last week was a summer theme; they had the boys doing a cutting activity outside, "swimming" in the living room, ending with all of us dancing to "The Twist"!!  (No pictures, sorry!)  As these services are on the county's school calendar, we had our last visit before summer break (and these ladies deserve a break!) this past Wednesday, and the theme was Ice Cream!   Here are some pics from circle time.  Sorry for the quality (or lack thereof).  My goal was not to disrupt, and if Aidan and Andrew see a camera, it's all over, so cell phone pictures with bad lighting it is!

We ended the visit with ice cream, sprinkles, and chocolate hard shell.  We got busy talking (as always) and I forgot to take pictures!  As important as their work with the boys is, training and supporting Me has been invaluable!!  They've helped me learn how to help my boys, and that's where the real possibilities for the boys' success in learning and growing lies.  Because their abilities in social interaction, academics, and life skills are there...we just have to find ways to bring them out.  The future looks bright!

Thank you ladies for being a credit to your profession as well as Shelby County!  You are a great example of our tax dollars at work.  Your friendship and love for our boys is just the cherry on top!

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