Monday, January 16, 2012

Dominoes in church

When I think about all the adventures (or misadventures, as it were) out in public we've had with the twins, some of the more humorous have been at church.  Yesterday was a really good day with them.  We didn't once have to go out with them or shush them, and I guess I was just a bit reflective over the last few years.  Every Sunday the boys go to Bible class and afterward we all go into the auditorium for worship for a little over an hour--depending upon who's preaching.  That can be a very long hour!!

I would be remiss if I didn't stop right now and thank Mr. Jobs for creating the iPod.  There are so many good apps that keep them entertained.  It has been a life-saver!  Still, with all that, life with children is never dull......

Andrew has been participating some in the song service lately (singing his heart out and completely out of tune just like mom).  The congregation stood up for a song and the boys stood on the pew between Tom and I.  All of a sudden, Aidan lost balance, fell into Andrew, who consequently fell down in the pew.  It was like dominoes in slo-mo!  It was all I could do to keep from busting out laughing.  :)

That brought to mind a few other memories.....

The one time where Tom was trying to take Andrew out to go potty, and he said, "I want skittles!" (our reinforcer for pottying) Tom: "Let's go potty first."  Upon returning from the bathroom, "mommy, I want skittles!"  Please keep in mind, MY CHILDREN ARE NOT QUIET and the acoustics in the auditorium, well, let's just say sound carries very well.

Speaking of....there was one time that Andrew had Tom's iPhone, which was on silent, but for reasons unexplained, all of a sudden, Prince's "When Doves Cry" began blaring through the mostly quiet assembly.  And yes, if I had any doubt or thought that my paranoia was just allowing me to think that EVERYONE probably heard it, they did.  T.J. was sitting up front and confirmed my worst fear.

At the conclusion of one service, the boys dismissed the crowd, loudly proclaiming, "All done!!  Time to go!"  Well, I had to agree, the preacher was very long-winded that day.  Surprisingly, we haven't run off the good people that have been sitting around us for so long.  They are truly long-suffering and get big points in my book!

I hope I've provided you with a little grin for the day!


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