Friday, January 6, 2012

Bathroom Rescue

The school's director, Sandy, and the boys' teacher, Nicole, met me at the entrance of the school today.  "Do you have a minute?  We need to talk."  **Gulp**  Just what every parent wants to hear, right?  They assured me the boys were fine, and I felt better knowing they were not being kicked out of school either.   :)  

After nap, Andrew had gone into the bathroom in the classroom, closed the door behind him, and was immediately locked in when the door somehow malfunctioned.  Andrew did not panic (Aidan would have!), but calmly kept saying, "Mrs. Nicole, I'm stuck; open the door."  I have to give Nicole credit, she was certainly being proactive; she kept passing him smarties underneath the door where there was at least a three inch clearance.  He must have been in heaven!  She just told him that they had lost the key, to which Nicholas, a buddy, replied, "I think it's in that drawer over there!"  Ha ha! 

Aside from his calm demeanor, Nicole was most impressed by how he followed every direction she gave him (I've got to learn that trick).  She had a portable DVD player ready to slide under the door as a last resort, but it wasn't needed.  There were even prospective parents visiting MP who jumped right in to try and help bust him out.  Hey, at least they know things don't always run perfectly there, even though it's pretty stinking close in my opinion!

Finally, the Mountain Brook Fire Department got there with their equipment, and with Andrew standing back per Mrs. Nicole's instruction, busted the door in.  I so wish I could have seen his face when those firemen got to him. One of them picked Andrew up and playfully swung him around.  Wow....and we even saw a firetruck with sirens, on the way home...he was so excited.  What a day!

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  1. It's always so stressful when school tells you they need to talk to you. I'm so glad that everything turned out OK.

    It reminded me of the time my son was 2 and locked me out of the house with his baby sister. I'd put her in the car and had my cell phone. After many frantic phone calls to a relative that had a spare key he finally came around to let me into the house. I spent the whole time listening to him moving things around upstairs (I was imagining him climbing on the counter) and generally just running around. He had no idea how happy I was when that door opened and he was OK.