Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Ladybugs to Butterflies

It is so hard to believe the boys have completed their first year in the Early Learning Program at Mitchell's Place already!  They have learned so much socially and academically, it's unbelievable.  At the end of July MP had a graduation ceremony for the children who are going on to "big school"as they do every year.  It is a big deal whether the child is a typical student or one on the spectrum; and the teachers and staff do an amazing job transitioning them to regular school.  Each of the graduates is given an opportunity to say what they like best about MP, and that is my favorite part of the ceremony (this year was my second time to attend).  It is emotional, inspiring, and humorous.  This year I was prepared and brought kleenex and passed it around!  Some of the students have to use assistive/electronic devices to express themselves as they are physically unable to do so, but they have a voice! One of the first things I remember the director telling us when we were looking into MP's programs is that each child there learns how to communicate one way or another; the ability to do so is the greatest skill they can learn.  

As part of the festivities, each class performs a song.  Aidan and Andrew's class, the Ladybugs, performed "Wheels on the Bus".  My video camera malfunctioned, but thanks to my friend Amy I have video!  Aidan is on the far right and is not often visible; Andrew is third from the right, and really gets into it.  Who knew there were dance moves to that song??

The Ladybugs wearing the bus shirts they painted

Andrew, Aidan, and their buddy Ethan

After graduation, we took some pictures of the boys and their teachers:

Sama, Bry, and Meredith with their tote bags...thanks so much for everything! We love you!

Ms. Jessica--their speech therapist

And this past Monday, the boys moved up to the Butterfly class.  They were so excited to be in the "big boy" class and get to play in the tunnel on the playground now...'cause they're not babies anymore.  :)

Ready for the first day!

Holding hands walking into school.  Aidan decided his backpack was too heavy

Putting their backpacks in their cubbies

Aidan and Ms. Nicole--lead teacher

There's a lot of good stuff and adventures to be had for all the McQuillan boys in the new school year!

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